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Polygala lancifolia   CAG01456

syn. P. virgata (Cane Polygala, Purple broom)

Polygala lancifolia
Height Width Flowering Season Water Light
2m 75cm All M Sun

An odd plant from east Africa that self seeds with abandon through the nursery and draws many inquiries with its strange, bright rosy purple, two petalled blossoms held in dense racemes terminating branches sparsely clothed in lance shaped leaves which sprout from the top of a single, green, slender, cane-like stem.

A natural standard, the single stems take up little space and the modest root system and sparse leaves barely compete with other plants, allowing seedlings to be left where they sow if desirable. With a short maturation I pull plants once they are past their best, there are always plenty of seedlings waiting to take their place, though an individual plant if left alone may live for two or three years.

At home in any soil type it is from summer rainfall climates and requires regular summer water but will tolerate lengthy dry periods once established. Easily grown grown just about anywhere.

Its habit and quick growth makes it unsuitable for pot culture and it is not offered for individual sale but seedlings can usually be found for free in the pots of other purchases.